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Looking To Hire Promoters! Please Read:

posted Feb 25, 2013, 8:12 PM by Ian Hiscock
Nova Lotus Job Details

We are looking to hire a couple of promoters to the Nova Lotus team. To apply please send a short bio, brief cover letter, and anything else you think we should know in the consideration process to ianjhiscock@novalotusproductions.com.

Benefits include free VIP access to all of our shows, free copies of every EP and single we release, and inside access to a tightly knit team of producers, remixers, promoters, and artists. We are planning some big things for the future and need more dedicated, passionate people to grow and develop with us.

As a promoter for Nova Lotus, your responsibilities would include:
-being present, active, and involved at all of our live events (unless you absolutely cannot make it for whatever reason
-distributing flyers for our events and releases to several of the locations on our list
-selling tickets and download cards for our events and releases
-having an active online presence in many social media sites including facebook promoting us, our artists, our releases, our remix competitions, and our events.
-suggesting and providing new and exciting marketing and promotion plans to us as we will respect you and take your thoughts into consideration
-understanding our mission as a label, event company, and artist management group and doing your best to represent our ideals throughout your work


*These jobs may not be for everyone. If the only reason you like electronic music is to get wasted and meet girls, we are not interested in hearing from you.*

                -The ability to be clean, sober, and respectful anytime you are a representative of Nova Lotus
-Have an active online presence and following including many of the local EDM-related Facebook groups

-We have no age limitations, however we are more likely to hire you if you are 18+ because most of our events will be so. If you are under 18, we would still love to receive an application from you as we will still take it into consideration.

-Finally, you must have an intense love and passion for new music, new artists, a different and unique approach to the electronic music scene, and just electronic music in general to be considered for our team!

This is not a typical promoter job like you may be familiar with from other companies. We care about you and we want to help you as much as you help us. We want to know about you and what you’re passionate about. We want to hear your ideas and implement them into our marketing and development plans. As we grow, so will you and the benefits of the job will increase. In the future, we hope to be able to pay our promoters as hourly wage as well as compensation for miles driven for the work they do for us.

Our upcoming plans include several ongoing EP releases from unique EDM producers all over the world, our “Toxic Wasteland: Local EDM Producer Showcase” in partnership with Zey Events, ongoing monthly EP release shows at local clubs and venues to promote upcoming releases and local producers, sponsorships of several other event company’s events, and many other local and global appearances and partnerships.

*Nova Lotus artists are eligible to be promoters as well*

Thanks for considering us and we look forward to hearing from you!