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Help Gwi!! - Eva Simons - Renegade (Gwi's Discovery Project Remix)

posted Sep 9, 2012, 9:42 PM by Ian Hiscock
One of our favorite artists (Joey Pulcino aka Gwi) is currently running in fourth place for insomniac's Discovery Project Nocturnal Wonderland competition. Help out a great artist by simply listening to this track of his. Timed comments and favorites always help as well. Thanks!!

(via Gwi Soundcloud)

Here is my submission for the Insomniac Discovery Project: Nocturnal Wonderland competition! It was a ton of fun making this :D and if you'd like in on this competition as well, here you go! http://www.discoveryproject.com
I was also required to Submit a 30 Minute mix as well using 2 of my own original tracks as well!

30 min Mix: http://www.mixcloud.com/joey-pulcino/insomniac-discovery-project-nocturnal-wonderland/

If I'm going to get anywhere, I need to work hard, but I also need the amazing help from you guys at home as well. the more of this remix and my 30 minute set get played, the better my chances! So please do your absolute best to get my name out! I'm counting on you!