Excited to announce that Gwi has joined the Nova Lotus roster for the release of his single, "The Hopeful". Look for this uplifting, beautiful trance anthem out soon on Nova Lotus!

Here is a preview of Gwi - The Hopeful (Original Mix)        

As someone who has been listening to Electronic Music (Including the classics) since 1998, when he was 6 years old, Joey Pulcino (better known as Gwi) has an understanding of melody, and what can make a person feel emotion and lift their hearts. If you fast forward to 2010, 18 at the time, Joey had begun experimenting with Audio production and DJ gear.After playing in bands,being behind drums and guitars and pianos most of his life, he's now got an understanding of sounds that just simply work well in harmony. With this in mind, he has now taken influences in his music from artists such as: Hydroid, Sundriver, Above & Beyond,  7 Skies, Mat Zo, Arty, Ferry Corsten, Juventa, Andy Blueman, Daniel Kandi, Will Holland,  and many many more, allowing Joey to have an Euphoric and Uplifting, yet progressive sound.  After years of attempted self promotion on SoundCloud and Band Camp, Joey was approached by the  owner of Digital Essence Records, Filippo Turchi with great intent and an understanding of how to  help Joey out.  Now 20 in 2013, he's got his first ever release, being a remix for the incredible Nanomachine. He's well on his way to more releases by the end of the year including his own Self-titled EP.